Friday, May 29, 2009

Onkyo Home Theater Systems Warning!

Buyer beware!

I'm warning you about the onkyo home theater systems because if you are considering to buy, you must know how this system really measures up compared to others like Sony.

Actually... who really cares, the onkyo home theater systems is the best in it's class.

There are many reason why this is the best in its class.

The HT-5200 has three Audyssey technologies to help create the most suitable listening environment for your home. The first is Audyssey 2EQ™ for Room Acoustic Correction. The HT-5200 uses Audyssey 2EQ to counter distortion created by walls, furniture, and other objects.

This technology detects speaker distance, and then sets levels, delays, and crossovers, while also measuring room acoustics. Compared to one-position room correction systems, Audyssey 2EQ covers a much wider listening area.

Moreover, it corrects problems in both frequency response and time domain (where most of the problems lie) across the entire listening area. The results are immediately obvious--a clear, well-balanced, and natural sound.

Last time I checked, this product was still in stock at Amazon. However, being this product is HOT, they could be out of stock at any moment. And that would mean having to wait... and waiting sucks.

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